Tenant Screening Process Design: Why You Need Landlord References

Tenant Screening Process Design: Why You Need Landlord References

A great tenant:

  • Pays rent on time every month
  • Cares well for their rental property
  • Follows lease rules and responsibilities
  • Doesn't disturb other tenants

Great tenants are what you want for these reasons and more! You can find the best ones by performing rigorous tenant screening procedures.

During the tenant screening, you should always ask for landlord references. Why? Continue reading to discover why and how this helps you screen applicants.

Verifies a Person's Identity

A tenant background check reveals details about an applicant's past. However, it doesn't necessarily verify their identity. Landlord references do.

When you verify references a tenant lists, you talk to a real person. This person knows the applicant, as they were the person's landlord. The benefit of this is that it verifies the person's identity.

You learn that the person is real, and that's just the start of what you can learn.

Reveals the Person's Character

Landlord references also tell you details about the person's character. For example, you can ask about the tenant's personality. Were they friendly and kind?

You can ask, "Would you rent to them again?" This one question is the most revealing one you can ask.

If the landlord says yes, you'll know they're a great tenant. If they say no, you'll have a good reason to choose a different person for your rental unit.

Tells You Vital Details About Their Actions

Speaking with a tenant's previous landlords helps you see other things about the person. First, ask about their payment history. Did they pay on time every month?

Next, ask about their apartment condition. Did they leave any significant damage, or was the unit in great shape when they moved out?

Finally, ask about the lease. Did the tenant violate the lease agreement? If so, in what ways?

You might also ask if the tenant bothered the landlord in any way.

Evaluating these things helps you choose better tenants. As a result, you can reduce your evictions. Eviction commonly happens when tenants do not pay their rent, but it can also happen for other reasons.

Affects Your Decision

Using the tenant screening process helps you decide which tenants to approve for your units. But you can also benefit by hiring a company to handle your tenant placement services.

A property management company can do this for you. They'll research each applicant and contact previous landlords. They'll let you know what they find, and you can decide whether to want to rent to the person.

Of course, property management companies also offer other services. Your rental property business can benefit from these services.

Need Help With the Tenant Screening Process?

Tenant screening is your ticket to choosing the best tenants. It's not something to skip or skimp on. Instead, it's something to put effort into, as it affects your life and business.

Do you need help with screening tenants? We can help.

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