3 Reasons to Use Tenant Placement Services in Littleton, Colorado

3 Reasons to Use Tenant Placement Services in Littleton, Colorado

Have you invested in your first rental property in Littleton, CO? Congratulations! With the right leasing strategies, you can find tenants and rent it out in just a few weeks.

A good enough reason is that Littleton is a good, even excellent, place to live and raise a family. And that's according to 90% of its residents.

To find excellent renters quickly, though, you need tenant placement services. We'll tell you why in this guide, so please read on.

1. Comprehensive and Fair Tenant Screening Process

In the U.S., 66 million people have criminal records, of which 1.2 million are Coloradoans. With such high rates, you'll likely have some applying to become your tenants.

Tenant checks can help determine a prospective tenant's criminal background. However, finding this doesn't mean you can reject an applicant outright. Under the Fair Housing Act, doing so can be a form of discrimination for which an applicant can sue you.

Professional tenant placement in Littleton, CO, can help protect you from such events. They completely understand local, state, and federal housing laws. This lets them conduct comprehensive yet fair and legal tenant screening procedures.

Aside from criminal background checks, tenant placement services also verify the following:

  • Employment history
  • Credit history
  • Rental and eviction history
  • Tenant referrals

If you were to do all those on your own, it may take days, even weeks, to screen each applicant. So, spare yourself from the trouble and hire professionals instead.

2. Guaranteed Tenant Placement

One of the primary reasons to hire a tenant placement service is to fill your rental properties with high-quality tenants ASAP. And if you choose a reputable service provider, you can expect them to guarantee their work.

An example is a results guarantee. With this, you may not have to pay the company until the responsible tenants they've screened move in. This also often means they'll find and place a tenant successfully within 21 days.

They can do all that since they use effective rental property marketing techniques. For example, they stage and advertise your properties through various listing platforms. You can also rely on them to schedule and conduct showings.

3. Leasing Guarantee and Eviction Protection

Filling your properties with tenants is fantastic, but that feeling can wane immediately if they move out in just a few months. Even worse is if they break their lease and force you to evict them. You'd have to replace them, which is expensive, with the average cost being nearly $4,000.

You can worry less about such issues if you choose a company offering a leasing guarantee. This means they'll find a replacement tenant for free if the one they've screened leaves within nine months. They can also safeguard you through their comprehensive eviction protection plans.

Time to Invest in Tenant Placement Services

With high-quality tenant placement services, you can fill your properties with responsible renters. You can also enjoy peace of mind with their guarantees and eviction protection plans.

All that and more are things you can expect from PMI Little Town. Our full-service property management company can take care of all your leasing needs. From tenant screening to property maintenance, you can rely on us to handle these on your behalf.

So, speak with us today! We'll happily discuss how we can help you maximize your rental income.